ePUB3 Reflow export optimization


Set your spacing and get an optimized rendering even if the typography size varies.

Text Indentation

Indentation in your texts can be set and adapts to typography variations.

Text Wrap

Text wrap is easily produced in Reflow view.

Customization of text

Create blocks of text with rounded or straight edges, add colored dropped shadow, background color and frames.

New features in ePUB3 reflow and fixed layout

Create Pop-Ups

Display text in a pop-up and enrich it with legends, notes or definitions.

Multimedia buttons

Customize the interactive elements of your book by creating your own buttons:
- Play / Pause button: audio or video management
-Show / Hide

InDesign enrichments

Keep the enrichments you have created in InDesign in your ePub3:
- Find the masks and effects on images you created.
- Find the web links created by InDesign (no need to create them again in the plugin).


Add interactivity by linking some words to the following actions :
- Go to Web : open a web page.
- Go to Page : access a specific page of the document (only ePub3 fixed layout).
- Go to Article : access to a specific article (only ePub3 fixed layout).

New features in AVE

Next / Previous button

Easily create next and previous buttons to ease navigation in your document.

Page transition*

Customize the transition of pages with nine new visual effects in AVEmag. Link the page transition to a sound and choose the order of apparition of the different elements present on your page. (only on iOS)

More features in AVE :

Automatic re-generation of all your articles. (Ease the update of your existing documents in the new version of the plugin).

Go to Page action in AVEmag format and Go to Article action in AVE pdf. You can choose «Next», «Previous» or specify the page or the article

Trigger all types of actions when user arrives on a page (only on iOS).


Aquafadas Plugin for Adobe inDesign has been optimized to be used in the Japanese version of Adobe inDesign for Mac and Windows.

Need help ?
Don’t forget to watch our online webinars and read our Documentation!

In order to get the most of the page transition enrichment, it is advised to use the latest version of myKiosk (version 2.6).
The simulator version is already available in the Plugin installer and will be online in Apple AppStore in a few days.

Mac: InDesign 5.x & Photoshop CS5.x, or, InDesign 6.x & Photoshop CS.6.x on MacOS X (10.6.8 or more. Compatible with Lion and Mountain Lion).
Windows: InDesign 5.x or 6.x & Photoshop CS5.x or CS.6 on Windows 7.

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